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Google Places SEO

Google Places Local Search Optimization

The focus of Google Places SEO is simple: to optimize and grow a business's Google Places listing in the local search results. Google Places is becoming even more popular. That is, Google is rendering the Google Places listings on almost any type of keyword. As a result, Google Places SEO or Google Places optimization is becoming a high demand service.

Google Places SEO OptimizationLocal search optimization via Google Places takes a unique approach to SEO. Unlike traditional organic search engine optimization that relies on link building and well-optimized content, Google Places optimization hinges building a credible, expansive presence around the web. In addition, there are many elements on a Google Places page that can be optimized for better local visibility. As part of our local small business SEO services, we build campaigns that center on Google local search optimization. Learn more about our Google Places SEO services below, or contact us for more information.

Building Local, Optimized Citations

The evolved form of links for Google Places SEO is citations. Citations are simply your business's listing on other credible sites other than your Google Places page. These are primarily local directory listings, and the most important elements of your citations are the name, address, and phone number of your business (or commonly known as "NAP"). So instead of building links (for traditional organic SEO), Google Places optimization requires SEO's and Internet marketers to go out and build citations on various local web directories.

We have the resources and experience to build citations for your Google Places SEO campaign. We use tools that can scan the web to evaluate the number and quality of your business's citations. Additionally, we can assess the power of your competitor's Google Places standing by evaluating their citations. With this knowledge, we can go to work on building high quality and highly relevant citations to optimize your business's Google Places page.

Image SEO for Google Places

Images are an easy way to optimize the Google Places page of your business. But what's more than just uploading images to your Google Places page is optimizing each image individually (prior to uploading) and using all ten image slots that Google offers.

Having ten keyword optimized images on your Google Places can be simple yet momentous step in surpassing your competitors in the local search optimization results.

  • Are your competitors using all ten images slots on their Google Places page?
  • Are each of their images optimized to maximize their Google Place SEO potential?

If you're not sure, we can enlighten you. Furthermore, we can optimize all of your images and upload them to your Google Places page. Don't have ten images to use? No problem. We'll either take professional images ourselves or gather relevant images that signify your products or services.

Video SEO for Google Places

Similar to images, video SEO for Google Places is a powerful local Internet marketing strategy to maximize your local search visibility. Video SEO can be advantageous for Google local search optimization in more ways than one. In addition to enhancing your Google Places page, video SEO can also contribute to greater exposure in the local organic results. This is because effective video optimization utilizes YouTube in conjunction with Google Places (which are both owned by Google!)

Google Places allows businesses to have up to five videos on their page. We can ensure that all five video slots are populated with highly optimized videos. We do this first by creating a well optimized YouTube channel for your local business. Next we develop five unique videos that signify your brand and its products and services. During this process we keyword optimize each video for optimal Google local search optimization. The projected end result of our local SEO optimization campaign is seeing both, your business's Google Places page and its video(s) in the top rankings of the search engine results.

Why Google Places SEO for Your Company?

The Google Places (now known as Google+ Local Pages) listing are seen as highly valuable to search engine users. Google recognizes that value and is making Google Places as applicable as possible on all types of keyword searches. As a local business, this is premium advertising space you cannot let go to your competitors. Google Places SEO is geared toward the optimization of your business's Places page for top rankings in the local listings. As a result of our Google Places SEO services, your company can capture more traffic, better leads, and a greater amount of conversions from Google Local SEO. In essence, this considered to be one of the most powerful approaches to local search engine optimization.

Specialists in Google Local Search Optimization

We specialize in Google Places optimization for many types of businesses. Our local small business SEO experts know the crucial elements that contribute to better local rankings, and can execute strategic keyword optimization techniques through each. We take the time to perform in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis to ensure the best and most desirable outcome. Additionally, we employ the best practices of Google local search optimization to bring out the best results possible.




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